The Maximum power

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The Maximum power

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Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings

Our esteemed members Today's topic will be an exclusive visit, Aziz and is an important topic for all members
To control and increase their energies and also for those who are interested in science of parapsychology because it will help them gain
Extraordinary capabilities are not only in this energy Ki energy.

Saokhaddk this topic you professionalism in this energy underlying, Hristit they will become as one of the parts of your body
Control which also controls your arm and foot.

I will be very brief talk and leave you with interesting subject, wishing to obtain admiration.

Note: You will be put levels gradually everyone can doing exercises.

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Ironing Ki Energy Energy

What is the energy Ironing?

Ironing is the energy of life, and are present within all human beings and can be used at a time Who they want. Ironing is not a religion, as some believe, but on the contrary, it has completed any link to any sect or religion, and anyone can acquire this energy, whatever their religion. And the only requirements that you will need to master this power is faith and determination to succeed.

Prove the existence of energy Ironing

And mentioned information enables you to prove the existence of energy Ironing to your friends when skeptical of what you are saying.

"Now may be trying to prove and impress your friends there energy Ironing. You can show them how to change the taste of foods, as evidence 'I use energy Ironing on a physical level. When Cecchelk Football Ironing in line with the principles of how the Microcosmic Orbit (which Sndla later), You can change the taste of drinks or cigarettes, or whatever his strong taste or smell. "
"The experience of using your favorite drink. First people to form a ball Ironing in the palms of your hand, your goal will be to fill the cup Ironing card. Imagine that energy Ironing takes a drink and escalate in a circular motion in a clockwise toward. Compare now the taste and smell of the drink with a drink plain of the same type

"Reflection of Qi Muscle Power Test" (pg. 17

What do these words mean? When the energy flow in the body and be in the case of activity accompanied by a rise in muscle strength and from the opposite side when the power falls in the body goes down with it as well as muscle strength. Anything Bmcnh that helps stimulate and release energy. But this technique is still to this day understandable غبر. But recurring phenomenon, and we can clearly feel this energy and we can conduct further research to facilitate understanding us. "

Figure shows the steps which must be followed by the experience

1 - the formation of the Department of convergence of both sides of the finger thumb and forefinger.
2 - someone else holding your fingers tightly.
3 - was the person trying to break the ring and you are trying to rally energy and Mahafah circle complete. Trying to figure out the force needed to spacing Alsaba.

Different energies

Ki / Qi / Chi energy is the energy of life existing within all living things, and which is stored inside your body in an area called the Dan Tien Tan Tien or Hara. Ironing energy flowing all over your body and pass on all the chakras and at all times.

Dan Tien and is located just two centimeters below the navel and two centimeters inside. And is considered a hub for energy storage, but Tdkr religion Tian is not the only place Who where energy is stored. Ironing energy flowing throughout your body and Chkratk.

Mana energy and free energy is flowing around and located in every Mkann as they exist in the things of others alive.

Negative energy there are two types of negative energy Ironing, Ironing energy transformed or negative a Aidae programming, and this very Zarh energy and can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. The other type of negative energy is energy Ironing used during the exercise and that turn into negative energy inside your body, because they were used. And this must use breathing Ironing or any energetic breathing before and after performing the exercises, so Atsena you get rid of negative energy and offset positive card.

Chakras are centers of your energy and of which there are hundreds in all parts of your body but there are 7 main Hkurat and to learn more there is the subject of me in the section talking about.

When stress occurs?

Stress occurs if you try to load yourself what you can not afford it, and Bmaholt your use of energy many times. So chakras stop working and become unable follow-up and feel tired and exhausted and you are unable to use energy even for a very short time, and up to the point you can not move. And can solve this dilemma is to relax and recharge the body with energy. So be careful when training. And do not carry yourself over your energy.

After this introduction, we will move to the levels began first level

Beginner Techniques = beginner level

Here, I'm first level techniques to identify energy Ironing controlled try very carefully rehearsed and do not strain yourself and I felt uncomfortable or pain stop immediately. And do not forget cheek all your time in training and do not try to jump into the techniques can not greeted elevates performance of the first grades and not the middle. Tani training Vbaltdrj technology will become a professional in the energy Ironing and you'll see is inconceivable.
Note: it is advisable to do some warm-up exercises and that will help you very much in the exercises.

Imagine Energy Ironing: This is the way to imagine your energy Ironing. This energy can be any color, and can Taatkhadd any form according to what you want, all you need to know is that this energy is the energy you control also controls the rest of the parts of your body. Often seen Ironing energy as a dim light, and semi-transparent, fairly recently of fog.

Control your energy Ironing: Now you will learn how to control your energy and movement in different parts of your body. And is one of the best applications for those of us who will start now to learn Ironing. This will give you a good idea of ​​perception and will strengthen the power of your will. Now begun, close your eyes and focus on the fact that the energy Ironing flowing in you through all centers of the chakras (or only in all parts of your body if you do not know about the chakras anything) and inside Dan tien. Now select the part of your body you want to send to the energy Ironing. As an example we will start with your hand. Now Start by imagining your energy flowing around your hand smoothly. You can imagine that by 3 ways. The first way, imagine that your energy emitted from your Dan tien and ascend to the chest and then to the arm and in the latter settle down with your hand. The second way, is to imagine the energy emitted from the the Dan tien outside your body to settle in your hand. The third way, just imagine your hand and is glowing result injected energy. And if I felt something Kalokhoz or warmth or electrifying or cold and has succeeded quoted Energy Ironing your hand. Practice this technique until it becomes easy Tidha for you, and imagination or perception will not be difficult for you. As happened with the hand completed training on the rest of the body, "the arm, chest, foot, legs, etc." until becoming unable to convert the energy to all parts of your body very quickly. And it will become very easy for you later.

Breathe Ironing: is a simple technique that will renew your energy depleted, and to get rid of negative energy. For began Atkhadd and comfortable position. Start breathing deeply through your nose and subtraction by mouth. Imagine your body like an empty shell, and with breathing imagine that energy Ironing present in the air who inhale from your nose and enters your body and infused. Imagine that Dan tien glow more and more. And when you exhale imagine the negative energy and energy used oral graduated (unimaginable as black smoke). When you feel that your body has filled with new energy, stop.

Earth's energy: is a technique similar to the breathing technique Ironing, but it runs out in a different way and Ironing is breathing easier and easier to train. For began Atkhadd and comfortable position. Now imagine that the roots out of the soles of your feet and penetrate deep in the earth to reach the land of energy stocks and start absorbing energy and dragging them into your body through your feet and stored in the Dan tien. Breathe deeply and with every breath Imagine that your body is filled with new energy that you drag from the ground by the roots in your feet and expel negative energy used by mouth Nfetha. When you feel that your body has settled and filled with new energy, stop.

Ironing flaming energy: This technique will help to raise the level of lightness yourself and your speed and your energy. Fezla make your energy flowing easily and smoothly. For began Atkhadd and be comfortable position. Now Start Take deep breaths with Imagine your energy Ironing flow and spread all over your body. And when you feel that your body is filled with energy, and that this energy is taking place in your body and is ready to explode. Now imagine it moving fast problem glow surrounds your body, then explode out of your body, the problem of flames surround you. Mark this fire Ironing surrounding you glowing and in constant motion from the inside to the outside and vice versa. If you had enough energy blew out without maintaining it will not benefit you in anything but would be a waste of energy. When you do this you can pull Azlat your body if you want to or remain relaxed as you wish. And if tensile gives a better result, but kept in the position where the technology easier. Enough to think and focus on that to make a difference Use the power of your will to achieve it. And if it does, really, you can feel some heat / acupuncture / electric sense includes all parts of your body. This focus will help you to maintain your energy and make your energy flow with ease. And it will be easy for you Execution Technology ball ironing.

Formation football Ironing: Well before starting the formation of the ball must be comfortable in your imagination and is able to control the movements of your energy.
Now, then began breathing exercise Ironing land or energy. Who should use it in every time you try form Ironing ball. To Atkhadd desired position horse riding كوضعية or any other position, now and for the formation of the first ball you should Execution Technology Energy Ironing burning in order to make it easier for you form a ball Ironing. And after Put your hands within 3 inches as if you were stuck reel and your fingers can Taatkhadd comfortable position for you.
Now, imagine that Ironing energy flowing from your body by center Dan tien and step up to your chest and then down through your arms up to Abdik, or whether this Firecracker easy for you, that energy flows from the center of the navel through the air to reach your hands. And when you reach your hands Imagine holding an empty reel from the air and are filled slowly to form a ball. And if this does not work with you, imagine that glowing energy between your hands and grow up to be a ball, or a hurricane of energy between your hands a ball you, or imagine anything important to be able to form a ball. If you feel heat or tingling or attraction or electricity has begun formation ball ironing. Remember that it is not necessary to feel all this Some feel the heat and the others feel tingling. And sometimes I did not feel anything, do not worry. Do not worry if you do not see football Ironing first in your attempts there Triqtin to saw later Sazlma.
Then you can see the ball in your mind and feel between your hands and focus on that Taatkhadd spherical shape that did not focus on this thing can fade the ball in the air. Now and if you want you can provide the ball with more power to withdraw more energy Ironing hands and entered into the ball. You can do this exercise several times a day, according to Who wants one, but I felt uncomfortable or pain stop immediately and use breathing Ironing.

Ki Ball Shel: (This technique will also help in the formation of football Mana.) And will also help you to do several other techniques سنراها later an example tossed ball ironing.
When you have the ability to create Ironing ball with ease, you can start racing create a search صدفات around the ball remains the province of the spherical shape and do not fade in the air. (Consider that this technique will help you to focus on retention in the form of a ball. If you can do so as soon as the focus, you will not need to do this method at all.). The first thing you create a ball of energy sent her more energy and your mind will work to establish around very solid shell. Then tried to put it on the table and focused on the ball will remain and will not fade during the exclusion of your hands. Slowly beyond your hands and you should be able to feel the pulse of Otaf fingers. This is an excellent exercise to increase concentration.

Making a mana bal: This technique is similar to football Ironing technology but they differ in that the ball Ironing derive their energy from inside the ball Mana فتستمد energy from the ocean outer Khms, air, land. Imagine that the energy emitted from the surroundings to accumulate in your hands a ball of energy problem. When you feel heat or tingling electrification and attraction. He knew that you have created a football Mana.

When mastered these techniques, you can traffic to the average level but not beyond these techniques to pass to other techniques unless you have mastered control your energy Ironing.

Finished the first level to throw in the second level

Average level Intermediate Techniques

This level is special persons who have mastered the first level or at least good in it. All of these techniques require a great deal of skill, you should not practice these exercises frequently and when feeling any pain or discomfort immediately stop. Do not try to learn the techniques at one time but her cheek and one by one.

CAUTION: These techniques serious when to use and may cause significant damage to use them wisely.

Note: It is important to do some warm-up exercises. And the formation of some Ironing balls before OPEN Baltdarab.

Basic technical explosion Ironing 1: Watch out this technique will not be able to throw or blow things up, this is technology designed to drain energy your opponent tired Vtjolh and open to receive the attacks.
Start training as you normally would in Tdarepk. Now the form of a ball Ironing with the conviction that you can do to blow a good. Now I'm ready, and this must be successful, to be in full concentration net and make your attention that you will blow it up. When you are ready to imagine the energy inside of you is ready to burst at full capacity. Put your hands in front of you in a clawed position and extended muscles of the hands and arms. Imagine that soccer Ironing off of your hands away and in a short period of powerful explosion occurs. And the focus should be on a good blast to hit the target. And when this happens and hit the discount card is Stchtergah and pulls his energy and thus will feel tired.

Who will feel during exercise: Now when it forms a ball and in the process of the explosion probably will feel warmly plus or tingling in your hands, but it will go quickly when you go out energy from your hands will feel as if nothing had happened. But that remained feel the heat in your hand or both, it means the ball Ironing is still in your hands and did not come out. Or that I felt warmly or tingling That see the ball out Ironing and will disappear Sraa. And if I felt cold in your hands after Mayorma before it means that football Ironing may have been separated in the air without hitting the target. If that happens, it probably means you are not in full blast Turkazak. Do not feel frustrated These technical need time in order to speak, all you have to do is the continuous training and diligence in it and you'll see results.

Basic technical explosion Ironing 2: is a technique different from the first, but basically are the same and the difference lies in the fact that instead of forming ball Ironing your Stmli arms Ironing card from the hand to the top. Just remember when the explosion energy that penetrates the target and torn only Awad beaten.

Basic technical explosion Ironing 3: is a technology seem to be easy or difficult depending on your ability to imagine. And move the power to your arm and hand but without form Ironing ball. Instead, imagine thanking hand Ntfath and from which energy Ironing in large explosive force.

Technology package Ironing: and is a blast to normal, but instead be a short burst would be in the form of energy packages one after the other. Then form a ball Ironing and if you want to be accompanied by burning Ironing card and this is optional. Imagine that energy inside you will explode because of the large increase. And extend your hands forward as you do with a normal explosion. But this time will come in the form of energy packs cap hit your goal in the form of sequence and for a long time instead of one fell swoop.

Who will feel during exercise: As this exercise will send many packages hat instead of one will feel different this time. You will feel heat or tingling twelve performing the exercise, and when you stop Tescun hands probably active wars and will last for some time. Because Ironing energy has gone out of your hands in the form of payments and not as before came out at once.

Throw a ball Ironing: This technique completely different from its predecessor. Some considered difficult because they require great willpower. I advise you to use IT ki ball shell in the beginner level to become unable to perform the exercise without the help of technology ki ball shell. To start, the formation of the Football Ironing as you normally would. Now, to throw a ball Ironing you can use both hands as it happens in the explosion or you can use one hand, either move them to the hand or formed in one hand if I could. When you throw must remain thinking that it will remain in the form of football and will not change. And tried so it is likely that the ball dissipated in the air tempering bath. Now, throw as you would with any ordinary football but remember to keep your focus and clear and that the spherical shape is not going to change. Imagine the ball is flying in the air and moving towards your opponent when he is approaching it can detonate or do anything else. And everything will go as planned.

Multiple balls Ironing: This technique enables you to form a Krata so at the same time and when you apply the exercises you can form more than two. Began, Atkhadd positivism which during the formation of the ball Ironing, but this time will put your left hand in the left side and the right in the right, which will not be your hands opposite also occurs with the formation of one ball. Now, imagine the energy flowing in both arms and hands and pose Ironing ball in both hands. If you exercise in the right way will feel heat or tingling or anything else. And when you want to throw the ball, you can throw every ball end or Rmma in the same time with the reunion and the formation of bigger and stronger ball.

Ironing shield: is a type of armor that can be formed around your body so that you can protect yourself from several attacks energy or any other attacks. To began, imagining Ironing energy flowing out of your body to are slowly ذرع of energy surrounds your body so that it can take the shape Who want (cube, triangle, etc.). And with providing you shield your card programmed force your will protect you from attacks energy or any other attacks. Do not try to use it as a shield my body because it does not protect you from physical attacks or strokes knife, for example. And to get rid of the shield to imagine that disappears slowly does not make it disappear at once but slowly until it disappears completely.

Genki Dama: This technology uses the power of nature Mana, and Ironing energy in all living organisms on around you.
For began, Atkhadd and standing position with feet spacing to shoulder level. Raise your hands in the sky, with arms extended and palms of the hands is heading for the sky. Close your eyes and began to withdraw the existing power of nature around you to gather up your hands feel power over your arms and your hands drag to form a big ball away from your hands toward feet or two feet above you. Continued to provide you with the ball Mana card that you feel that you have formed big energy ball the size of a beach ball or more. Now, you have to use your mind and demand of organisms around you that allows you Bokhadd little energy Ironing own. I ask everyone water, animals, trees, .... etc.. Some of them will give you energy and others will not do. All this energy is sent to you her cheek and mix it with football the Mana giant. When you feel that the ball strong enough to defeat their opponents, well-focused and when the time comes, throw your hands in front and use the power of your will to throw a ball the Genki Dama around your opponents.

Bikku Ban Attack: This technique is one of the powerful techniques and devastating if implemented properly. To start, extend your arm forward and face your hand to your opponent. Now, imagine a bracelet around your wrist and Who would not be allowed to Ironing energy that remains in your hand. When you apply the exercises you will have the ability to create some kind of global and programmed that form Ironing energy around your hand without staying there. Now, provided this bracelet is powered by your arm. Fill in your arm Ironing card and closed like a tube of hand so as not to hand leaky power. When you feel that there is enough pressure and energy in your arm, face your hand to your opponent, then called greenhouse and let him off. Does not control the explosion let him go as if he was passing through a tube.

Bikku Ban Attack 2: This is another way for the performance of the Big Bang. Began, Atkhadd positivism in the prior art. But this time, create a ball of energy Laket be larger than your hand. Charge the ball as much as possible Ironing card and at the same time make the formation of eddies of Mana Energy on the ball and be used to charge the ball, energy as well. When you feel that the ball may well send it back to charge your opponent not by the explosion, but Armha in the air but at high speed to a certain extent. When your opponent hit the ball blew strongly up-to-date high area of ​​energy around.

Punch Ironing flaming: To start your ship your hand a lot of energy Then technology torch Ironing emphasized that moving the torch around your hand and concentrated without the rest of your body, then your using this energy in your hand and make them explode to the outside and let the flame Ironing takes your hand to make it more powerful. And now face punch your hand to your opponent, and act as if you went punch him purely pierced.

Vortex energy ordnance: This technique is the author of the explosion energy Ironing and Mana Energy to form a spiral and from here he derived his name.
Now and then began to form a ball Ironing in both hands and Set more powerful by fate Who want. Then form around several balls so they derive energy around you (air, earth, organisms, etc.). After that Mana Energy Club to accumulate in your hands and form a spiral with a ball ironing. In the end, given her more energy Ironing and Energy Mana. Imagine light rays emitted from the ball Ironing as similar to the sun's rays. And blew it away when you strongly.

Note: Some of you might think that this energy does not exist and it is no fairy fiction movies or animation. I tell them that they are wrong they are found inside them knew this or Jhloh. So did not want to put illustrations of exercises because I'll use animated images they embody exercises should also do it in your imagination and so as not to lose Thread seriousness.

Advanced level Advanced Techniques

Attention: No progress on the application of advanced level exercises unless you have mastered both the former well, these techniques require a great deal of skill and mastery of what preceded them. Trained with caution, and if I felt uncomfortable or pain during the exercises stop Phua.
Note: It is important to do some warm-up exercises. And the formation of some Ironing balls before OPEN Baltdarab.

Tsuibi Ki Blast: explosive and is a technology that can be used or sent to a distance, or within walking distance.
This technique is very simple if you have mastered the former levels, and are very easy on the opposite of what it seems, however, that you should feel good. And to be able to Execution of explosion energy Ironing easily and power.
To be sent to the distance, start as follows. Recharge your body energy into a ball so unusual. Now, he sensed the opponent and felt and at the moment that correspond with him and it becomes clear to you, was bursting with follow-up to determine the opponent and feeling it, and imagine the explosion blast followed beam emitted from you to this discount, will power this programmed ball Ironing to track its course towards person, who is focused on it. And follow the road, who is drawn to the deductible up and explode.
And closely Tidha, It is very easy for you see opponent Vtba way itself but will not need 'me a lot of sensing all you have to do is to chart the way between you and your opponent and launch explosion.

Sambai Kosen: This technique increases the force of the blast up to 3 times than it is normally. To start, do Batkhad status form a ball Ironing. Mother, do form a ball Ironing in your hands, let it grow to become the size of a tennis ball, and now and strongly your will let the size and then form another ball beside the same size, was then the process of time 3 so that you have 3 balls in one ball. When your success then blow it away.

Chobakuretsumaha Blast: This technique completely different from the technology explosion Ironing, and say that you will name shipped near your chest, and if you do it right, it is supposed to be a bit stronger. To do so put your hands near your chest, and your fingertips confluent, and when you take your hands correct posture, charge the body with energy, Pay part of this energy in your hands, and push more energy inside them and began to form a ball ironing. And during the formation ball Imagine light rays emerge from between your fingers. And when you feel that it has become strong enough then throw as you do with a ball ironing.

Kakusanyudokodan Attaku: this technique you can do in two ways First, create a ball so that the tip of both finger of your fingers if you are able to keep the balls on hand so Tqzvha one after the other. The second method, form 10 balls to or more and send it to your opponent, but without that make them hit him any remaining close to him and suspended in the air and the problem of spiral and is being held inside, now and using the power of your will Mark balls pounce on your opponent and hit him at the same time .

If you skip this stage and reached a level based professionals will move to the energies and fighting styles and is divided into

Taiztsu: Arts physical beatings
Ninjtsu: Arts of the five elements (fire - water - earth - light - wind)

Forbidden methods: are seals be to attack the other person and the energy that could lead to his death
sommoing: call energies Animals and this advanced level

Start with ninjtsu and every one of us two, and some people three components and is know when directed energy and make someone trainees like you to feel them and if hair بالذبذبة in the arm Fnasrk is electricity and if hair Balsjuly in the arm Fnasrk is the water and if hair Balskhouny Fnasrk is a fire and if hair Fnasrk sclerosis is the ground and if he feels cold wind Fnasrk is complete next topic

Special thanks to Hossam Ahmed study

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